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Canadian Horse Information

Breed Characteristics

  • Height 14 - 16 hh, with a breed average of 15 hh
  • Weight: 1000 - 1400 lb
  • Sturdy build with strong legs, substantial bone, and excellent feet
  • Shorter in stature than many common riding horses in use today, a Canadian Horse tends to look bigger, be stronger, and are able to carry a larger/taller rider than their height would suggest due to their substantial body and bone size
  • Usually black but may also be bay, brown or chestnut. Rare individuals may be Palomino or Cream. Gray no longer exists in the breed (despite it being listed on the breed poster below)
  • Long, abundant, often wavy tail and mane
  • Excellent dispositions and good work ethic
  • Sociable, intelligent, sensible, trainable, and calm
  • Most commonly used for driving, the Canadian Horse is truly versatile and may be found doing dressage, jumping, eventing, endurance, trail, ranch work or just being the family or kid's horse