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Ranch Lac G Fanfaron Zipper

July 20, 1990 to May 12, 2018
RIP big guy - you are sorely missed

Reg #5563

All black, 15.3 hh stallion, foaled July 20, 1990
Class A" Inspected stallion, Permit # 95251
Sire: # 4132 Bienvenue Royal Fanfaron
Dam: #5094 Nos Racines Vagabond Uranie

“Zipper” was predominantly of Royal and Becancour breeding. These are very old lines which are now quite uncommon. He was one of the few Class “A” inspected stallions (as determined by the "official" QC government inspections).

Zipper was athletic, moved beautifully, and had a particularly spectacular extended trot. He was a "big softy" with a particularly kind and gentle nature.

Look at that kind face! Taken March 2015.

He consistently passed on his good nature, athleticism, nice movement, and exceptional bone to his foals. He made excellent dressage or "sport horse" type crosses with Canadian mares as well as with mares of other breeds.

Zipper trotting

For a 25 year old, he was still looking pretty darned good!

2019 Update

In the spring of 2018, we laid our senior stallion Zipper to rest.

He had arthritis which we were able to manage well with a variety of medications, so were able to keep him comfortable. He made it through the winter very well and was as vibrant as ever, however in the spring of 2018, he suddenly started to decline, became increasingly sore, went off his food and lost a tremendous amount of weight very rapidly. The time had come.

He was laid to rest in the front field where he spent much of his life thus allowing him to continue to watch over our farm like he alway had.

Our farm doesn't seem the same without him, and we miss him dearly.