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2020 Breeding Season Information

Thinking of breeding your mare?

Canadian Horse breed numbers are declining rapidly and foal registrations are at an all time low.  If you are a mare owner and are contemplating breeding your mare in the future, be sure to read our article on this subject .

Our breeding services offered:

  • Cooled fresh shipped semen available for Merit (and possibly Fonzie - see information on his page) only during our specified breeding season (see below).
  • Our cooled fresh semen can be shipped anywhere in North America via FedEx.
  • Frozen shipped semen available from Merit and Fonzie
  • We do NOT offer any live cover breedings to Merit due to the risk of injury.
  • We may give special consideration to a live cover breeding to Fonzie in the case of exceptional quality mares that are well trained, and easy to handle.
  • Due to the glut of thoughtlessly bred or grade horses on the market which often end up going to auction for meat, we have made the decision to NOT contribute to this problem. As such, we are no longer offering stud services to mares of other breeds.
    As such, effective 2017, we are offering our stallion services to purebred Canadian mares only.

Breeding Fees:

  • $1000.00 (Cdn or US funds) stud fee for each stallion using cooled shipped semen. This stud fee includes a $250.00 non-refundable booking fee, as well as the cost of the first cooled shipped semen collection.
  • If your breeding is booked before March 31, you can qualify for an early breeding discount (see below).
  • A $250.00 collection fee will be applied to each subsequent cooled semen collection.
  • The mare owner is responsible for ALL semen shipping costs.
  • Contact us for more information regarding frozen semen.

Method of Shipping

  • Depending on your location, the method of shipping cooled semen will vary.
  • For locations that are relatively close (eg in western Canada), we will utilize a plastic Equitainer. Note: This container must be returned to us within two days after being shipped or a $10/day late return fee will be charged.
  • For locations east of Alberta or in the US, a disposable cardboard shipper will be utilized. If a disposable shipping container is used, this will incur an additional charge of $50 to cover our cost of purchasing the shipping container for you. Once sent, this shipper then becomes the property of the mare owner.
    We do this because it greatly reduces shipping costs for the mare owner, as the container is then only shipped one way to you, and does not have to be returned to us.
    If you would prefer this method, please let us know.
  • For frozen semen, a special dry ice shipper must be used.  This must be rented from our frozen semen depot which is located in Ontario.

Early Booking Discount

  • You can qualify for our early booking discount of 10% off of the stud fee if your stallion service is reserved and the booking fee is paid prior to March 31st.

Breeding Season

  • For cooled shipped semen, our breeding season runs from April 15 to June 30. No exceptions!
  • Frozen shipped semen from Fonzie and Merit is available all year round.

Other Information

  • Live foal guarantee (LFG) offered for AI with live cover or cooled semen but not for frozen.
  • A signed breeding contract with prepaid booking fee is required ASAP in order to reserve your breeding.
  • Prior to any semen being shipped, the entire breeding fee payment must be received in full.

For more information

  • If you would like more information regarding our stallions or breeding services, please feel free to contact us (see contact page). We would be happy to send, fax, or email you a copy of our breeding contract.